Cold Brew
Coffee character:
Hailing from Japan, the cold brew or cold
Low acid, sweet, rich
press method is a completely different way
and thick, almost
to pull all that flavorsome goodness out
of your beans.
Good for:
This is long-term steeping, and it couldn’t
Iced coffees on hot
be simpler or more accessible. All you really
days, or mixing into
need is your freshly coarse-ground coffee, a
recipes and cocktails
large pitcher, a sieve and a standard coffee
filter. The coffee is stirred into the water and
allowed to sit for a minimum of 12 hours,
For an ultra-smooth
then presto! Strain, and you have some
brew make it coarse,
sweet, low-acid coffee concentrate.
or for a touch
more biterness try
This brew involves a different chemical
process, meaning that the final product
is a lot less biter and acidic than most
Brew time:
coffees. It also stays fresh for much longer
12 hours or more
than hot-brews, and can be kept for up to
two weeks. Simply leave it in the fridge
and whenever you want a coffee, combine
with milk, water
(hot or cold), ice or
whatever you desire. You could even add
it to a tiramisu, or bypass the espresso
machine to make a “cold-brew martini.”
To use:
To start, aim for a 1:8 ratio of coffee to water—so on your electronic scale,
100g (about 1 ⅟₄ cups) of coffee should be mixed with 800g (about 10 cups)
of water. You can always adjust for a stronger or weaker brew as you see fit.
Place the ground coffee in a pitcher, jar, bucket—any vessel that is big
enough. Then add the water and stir to combine.
Cover with a lid or plastic wrap and let steep at room temperature for
at least 12 hours, and up to a day.
Line a fine-mesh strainer with a regular coffee filter (available at any
supermarket) and fit it over a bowl or pitcher.
Slowly pour the coffee into the filter until all of the liquid has passed
through the strainer. It might take a while, but just let it seep through
at its own pace.
Transfer the strained coffee to a clean pitcher. Cover and put in the fridge.
For an iced coffee-style drink, dilute the
concentrate with an equal portion of milk or
water. Sweeten with a sugar syrup if desired
(though keep in mind this method really brings out
the coffee’s natural sweetness) and top with ice.